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  • Are you having difficulties with your health?
  • Have you tried endless medications to relive symptoms with no real improvement?
  • Left with side effects from medications.
  • Your doctor has no answers.
  • Tried natural approaches but they only help marginally.
  • Wasted time and money but never better.
  • Countless tests and bloodwork that show everything is "in range"!

It's time to look at your

health & hair in a whole new way!

Discover What is Hidden in Your Hair!

There is an untold story within your hair that can tell you about your health.

No more guessing about what is really happening inside your body.

A simple snip of hair can tell you about your thyroid health, sex hormone balance, adrenal status, blood sugar regulation, stress response, and heavy metal toxicities.

Many times medical doctors will run bloodwork with good intent but alas, most often the results come back normal. You are told you are fine! Only you don't feel fine and continue to push through life struggling to deal with uncomfortable symptoms, pain, weight gain, stress, sleep issues, and hormone imbalance.

Perhaps you are dealing with depression and anxiety that seems to have just appeared out of nowhere or maybe you have faced these conditions for a long time. Maybe you have tried therapy or antidepressants and have had little to no improvement. There just might be a deep reason why!

Don't allow your deteriorating health to affect your quality of life any longer. Take the guesswork out of figuring out what you need to eat or what supplements you need to take.

Regain your ambition, your career, your family, and your relationship!

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What is Hair Analysis?

Do you feel like you have tried almost everything to get your health back on track but can't seem to turn a corner?

Let's look at your body in a new way!

Hair analysis has been around for many, many years and its testing that many are now seeking out as a way to address the root cause of poor health. Looking at what is happening in the cells of the body rather than blood, can give us a deep view inside about the thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones, blood sugar, and more.

Although this type of testing is backed up by decades of research, it is not often utilized because most standard medical doctors are not able to interpret or understand the test results. The graph pictured reads like a puzzle and it is very important to never read the report straightforward. It takes training and experience to provide a explanation of what is found and then more skill to develop a plan of action to correct it.

This isn't something that most medical professionals want to take the time to do. It's much easier to write out a prescription!

It's important to make sure you are using the right lab to process your hair sample. Some send the hair sample through a washing process and that greatly affects the test results. The laboratories that I prefer for testing are Trace Elements (TEI) and Analytical Research (ARL). Both provide very accurate test results. Anyone from age 1 to 101 can utilize a hair test.

Please review the links below for more detailed information about laboratories and hair analysis.

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"Human adrenal glands

Hormone Help

Hair analysis is an incredible tool when it comes to balancing hormones for both men and women. Along with aging, our bodies become burdened from environmental toxins, prescription medications, poor diet, cosmetics, hygiene products, and the biggest culprit, STRESS. Everyone of these can heavily impact your hormone balance.

Which comes first thyroid or adrenal imbalance? There isn't a solid answer on this but I tend to lean towards adrenal imbalance. With the amount of stress in our world today, it seems most likely. Family stress, work stress, over exercising (yep, it's a thing), gut issues, and low immunity can lead those tiny little glands that sit on top of your kidneys to burn out. All sorts of symptoms can indicate adrenal issues. Sleep issues (adrenals play a role in maintaining our circadian rhythm), tanking female & male sex hormones, thyroid imbalance, weight issues, chronic fatigue, blood pressure issues, food sensitivities/intolerances, and countless other health issues are often mistaken for low functioning adrenals. Low adrenal function leads to a cascading deterioration of all systems of the body and you begin living a life that doesn't feel like your own! You are left just inching by in daily life; remembering times of the past when you felt great.

Most people start off with their primary care doctor looking for help on what has happened to their health. A common test asked for that fails most is the standard TSH test for checking thyroid status. It's only one part of the thyroid enigma. From a functional point of view, there are at least 6 other tests that need to be looked at to really get a true picture of what is happening with the thyroid. Even then, that is just a snapshot of the day you had your blood work drawn. Thyroid hormones fluctuate daily and for many reasons. A better way to address thyroid hormone balance is to take a look at your mineral picture, particularly calcium and potassium! Those are key to seeing how your body is even responding to thyroid hormone in the first place. So, even if you are taking thyroid medication, it could be working better or you may end up not needing it at all.

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Male and female symbols.

The Copper Connection to Your Hormones!

It's more important than you think!

When it comes to male and female sex hormone balance, there are many factors involved. It's a very delicate dance between various organs in the body to keep hormones moving smoothly. Many times through poor diet, environmental toxicities, nutritional deficiencies, stress, aging, and medications the balance can become upset. For women all too common symptoms include painful periods, anxiety, missed cycles, fertility issues, low libido, anemia, insomnia, and difficulty pregnancies. Men can be hit with symptoms of low testosterone like loss of muscle mass, anxiety, fatigue, ED (erectile dysfunction), low libido, and fatigue.

During my studies, it kept being brought up how much copper imbalance is an epidemic! A leading cause of mistaken and misdiagnosed symptoms for millions of people. I realized just how right my mentors and studies had been, it was everywhere! The worst part, no one really knows about it.

The most common causes of a copper imbalance are birth control (all forms, every single kind, no exceptions), copper water piping (HUGE!), vegan/vegetarian style of eating, and bioidentical estrogen therapy (often used for post menopausal women). Think hard, think way back, have I had these exposures? Exposure counts even if it is in the past! It doesn't have to be current. Copper excess, like any metal, can stay in the tissues of the body for years and years. Quietly breaking down the body metabolically. If you have participated in any of these, it is very likely you are dealing with a copper imbalance.

Correcting copper imbalance takes time and the most important step is removing the cause of it. It's not an overnight fix but working on strong diet, supporting the liver, using gentle detox practice, dedication, and mineral balancing are keys to turning the situation around.

Common Symptoms of Copper Imbalance:

Time for a mineral check up!

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Unhealthy Cartoon Liver

Love Your Liver!

Oh our livers!! Bombarded by environmental pollutants on the daily, prescription medications, hormones gone wild, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, poor digestion, toxic cosmetics, and chemical ridden body products. The liver is the hardest working organ in the body, orchestrating over 500 functions in the body. It's main functions are filtering toxins, moving bile, and storing valuable nutrients for us day in and day out.

Signs of a burdened liver includes hormonal imbalance, disturbed sleep (waking 1-3 am), liver pain just below the rib cage, gastrointestinal issues, elevated liver enzymes, fatty liver disease, and acne.

The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself! That makes for one amazing organ. Still, it needs daily help to keep doing it's job. See the links below for great ideas that can keep your liver healthy and happy!

Top Ways to Love Your Liver

  • Daily lemon water
  • Dandelion root tea made extra strong ( 2 bags)
  • Milk thistle tincture or tea
  • Joyful movement such as walking or rebounding
  • Water! Drink enough but not too much to affect your minerals. Half your body weight in ounces or a little less is great.
  • Red lamp therapy - read more about it here. Make your own here.
  • Castor oil packing - great for woman to promote overall hormone balance. Read more about it here.
  • Raw carrot salad - helps clear estrogen. Recipe here.
  • Detox clay baths - read more about it here.
  • Sauna - great for moving toxins. Just not too often or too long. Sweating excessively impacts your minerals.
  • My #1 favorite way - The Coffee Enema! ( I know, I know, seems crazy right but read about all the benefits here. It's a game changer for most anyone who gives it a try.
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Stomach endoscopy

Digestion, Digestion, Digestion!

Can't absorb what you aren't breaking down!

If there is one thing I am most sure of, it's that when you have an issue with your health; you can guarantee your digestion is struggling. The body begins to slow down when we experience stress of any kind. This is amplified when you have faltering thyroid and adrenals hormones.

This means that no matter how many supplements you are taking, no matter how great your diet is; nothing is happening if stomach acid (HCL) and bile are not being produced. Supporting digestion is of major importance because that is when we start seeing improvement in health overall. You can't absorb what your body isn't breaking down!

Although some raw food is ok, especially raw carrots, the majority of people should be eating cooked, warm food. When digestion is inhibited the body can benefit from foods that are steamed, braised, baked, or even boiled. This makes nutrient assimilation much easier.

Speaking of foods, I have seen people try numerous diets to turn their health. This too can backfire if the diet doesn't fit the person's current metabolic state. I see this often with the infamous KETO diet. It's a no for me. Depending where you are with your health journey, you may not have the right digestion or liver health to breakdown all that fat. Yes, people get the KETO flu but it's not just because they are entering ketosis. Many times their electrolytes are tanking because they were already dysregulated. This results in intense fatigue, stress for the adrenals, and generalized malaise of the body. It's not something I recommend anyone jump into blindly.

Any diet that is limiting in some way is most often bad news for your body. It can create imbalances such as copper imbalance or worse, nutrient deficiencies. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean diets, and even the new fad, carnivore, are all problematic. We are designed to eat a balanced diet with moderation of fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats, and healthy fats. Depending on metabolic state, the diet can be shifted a little to accommodate. Start thinking of paleo or ancestral style of eating. It promotes incredible healing of the body.

I think it's worth touching on fasting. This is another common practice I bump into with clients. The reality is we all fast every night when we sleep. The body needs this time to focus on removing toxins, repairing, and rebuilding the body. This is why late night eating is a bad idea. Your body doesn't want to digest, it wants to renovate. Fasting at any other time or fasting for long periods of time, is completely stressful to the body. Especially, if you have underlying mineral dysregulation or other health issues. It's not something I recommend. Cleaning up your diet of all refined carbs, simple sugars, and junk food is much more important. A sick body needs the right kind of fuel, not to be starved.

Best Ways to Boost Digestion

  • Start your morning with lemon water or a shot of raw apple cider vinegar
  • Add fermented foods to your diet like fermented pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir
  • CHEW and then CHEW your food again. This is a big ONE! Most people don't know that digestion actually begins in the mouth. It triggers salivation, the first step in the digestive process. The more we chew, the less the body has to work at digesting what we eat. Take your time and chew thoroughly.
  • Dandelion root tea (gets bile flowing)
  • Herbal teas like peppermint, ginger, and lemon
  • Use digestive bitters before you meals. These are pungent, bitter herbs that get your body primed to digest. Check here for what I recommend.
  • Use high quality sea salt on all your food. Sodium is need to make stomach acid (HCL). Good brands are Redmond's, Celtic, and some brands of Pink Himalayan. (Himalayan salt is a bit tricky depending on where it is mined. It can contain traces of lead and iron)
  • For powerful help, you can add a HCL supplement or even a digestive enzyme complex with each meal. Depending on your metabolic needs, we can determine which one will help the most.

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Wonderful Water

I get asked this question many times, “What should I do about my water if I have copper pipes or suspect you have poor water quality?”. There are likely many opinions out there about this and I will share mine. After dealing with my own traumatic water issues, that majorly impacted my health, I can absolutely say the single most important thing you can do for your health is to make sure the water you are exposed to, cooking with, and drinking is the cleanest water you can find. I can’t stress this enough!

What is the best you ask? In my opinion and in many other health practitioners, it is spring water. Spring water naturally sourced usually has a great PH level and contains several trace minerals imperative for optimal health.

Why not distilled or RO water?

Distilled water and RO are both dead waters, meaning no trace minerals. These waters can actually rob your body of minerals. At times, I will suggest distilled water for short cleanses because it does just that, pulls minerals/toxicities out of the body. So, depending on what we are trying to move out of the body, distilled water can work wonders. Beyond that, it’s good for enemas and some household uses.

RO water although touted as a great method for filtration, comes with another set of problems entirely. There are systems that will add minerals back to water after being filtered through a RO system, but the quality of this water does not compare spring water. Another negative of a RO system is that if it is connected in your home to copper water piping this causes corrosion of the copper (because of low TDS, total dissolved solids) and results in you ingesting larger amounts of copper. The majority of clients that have copper toxicity, often have it because of copper piping alone but the RO system plus copper piping amplifies the problem. See these links for more information:

Reverse Osmosis and Its Effect on Copper Piping

Reverse Osmosis and Copper Piping

Blog Post: Copper Piping Corrosion

Other Waters:

Alkaline water – if you suffer from low stomach acid production this is a less than ideal choice. Alkaline water will further decrease valuable stomach acid.

Tap water – usually coming from municipalities and can contain contaminants like chlorine and commonly arsenic. If you have no other option, filtering for chlorine is suggested and then request to see the MSDS sheet for water testing.

Well water - back in the day, well water was sought after. Large amounts of chemical fertilizers, fracking, and run off from industrial plants or garbage dumps has led to ground water being contaminated. Unless you have had your well water thoroughly tested for all metals (especially cesium, lead, iron, manganese) and a chemical panel, I would not consider it a drinkable water.

Bottled Purified Drinking Water – these types of water have been through some type of filtration like RO and possibly UV or ozone treated. Manufacturers will the add things back in like calcium and magnesium in an attempt make it “healthier” and taste better. It's not a quality water to drink daily.

Mineral Water – a good option to add in!It really should not make up the bulk of your intake. Spring water wins again! Mineral water is helpful for most because it usually will naturally contain higher amounts of sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Adding in about 8-16 oz. a day is a good amount. The best brand I have found is called Gerolsteiner. Runners up would be Evian, Glacier, Fiji, and Pellegrino.

Home Filtration Methods:

This is a tough subject to address because everyone has an opinion. It’s my experience as a mineral practitioner that filtration methods used at home like under the sink filters, Brita pitchers, Zero pitchers, refrigeration/ice maker filters, and most professional installed water systems are not addressing copper. They might address other contaminants but not copper. This is especially true if you have a professional water system installed but the water still comes to your faucets etc. through copper piping!There is really no point to having a water system if you are still using copper piping. Replacing it with PEX or PVC piping is a better choice. These materials are safer in my opinion because metals are far more destructive and more difficult to remove from the body than substances like BPA and phthalates. Safer plastics are numbered 1, 02, 04, and 5. Always look for labeling too that says BPA free etc. Speaking of plastics, remember that water kept in glass would be really great! No BPA there! To help offset the substances from plastics, keep all water contained in plastic out of direct light and consider keeping humic & fulvic acids in your daily diet help detoxify the body.

Berkey Water System – this has been an option for many of my clients and it does seem to be successful when it comes to dealing with copper and other contaminants.This is an investment and does not come cheap.

Lab Test Reports on Berkey Filters

How Does Berkey Filter Water?

Berkey Vs. Other Filtration Methods and Types of Waters

There has been some negative information recently about the Berkey which I will post a link below for you to review.There are pros and cons to everything it seems.

Berkey Water Filters Are A Scam and Unsafe????

I realize it can be very expensive to think about replacing the copper piping in your home but ultimately it is the best measure. If it is not an option, bringing spring water into the home, although not the cheapest, is the safest way to go once you find a reputable source.

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Stepping Stone's Amazon Recommendations

These are products and supplements that I have used personally or my client's have had great success with!

"Human adrenal glands

Adrenal Support


Thyroid Support

Broccoli Carrying Dumbbells

Super Foods!

Oregon's Harvest Organic Kelp

Now Kelp

Standard Process Thytrophin PMG

Magnesium material sign

DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Client Feedback

"VERY knowledgeable and thorough!!! I only wish I had done the analysis sooner. I already purchased a retest. I felt I ended our consultation with a world of knowledge and left with many ways to help improve my health. Please don't rely on interpreting the results on your own. There are so many relationships between the many minerals/metals and ways they interact with one another I couldn't have solved my imbalances on my own. Wellworth the consultation fee. Thank you!!"

- A.S., Neptune Beach, FL

"EXCELLENT! She gave me way more information than I expected and I so appreciate it! She was great at giving me an understanding of my results and how to remedy the issue! She was kind, concise and allowed time to answer my questions! I’ll definitely be retesting and booking another consultation with her in December! Thanks so much!"

- RM, Cary, NC

"So thorough and helped explain my case with very much grace. I understand even more how serious my copper toxicity problem is. She offered hope and understanding which gives me a path to find my way up and out. This was the most valuable and insightful hour for my health that I have had in 10 years of suffering and going to doctors. It was well worth the consultation fee. Without it (consult), I would not have really understood the severity of my issue.”

- N.D.C., El Paso, TX

“My consultation was excellent and very informative. Outstanding consultant that has provided a wealth of information that is very helpful to understanding my current state of health.”

- C.M.M., Huntsville, AL

"I was completely blown away by her knowledge and how personable she was. She gave me so much and I am truly grateful. She has saved my health from going further down the hole. Already in just 3 days of implementing her suggestions, I feel 75% better."

- Kelly Jean D., Encinitas, CA

"Very knowledgeable, patient, thorough, well prepared. She explained things clearly. She was very positive. She welcomed my daughter's participation. I left the consult having learned a lot, with a clear path in mind towards improving my health & well being."

- D.W., Westport, MA

“Very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to; and she answered all of my questions.”

- M.M., Riverview, FL

“Just reaching out to share a little good news & a really big THANK YOU! Since our initial consult, I have slept the last 3 nights for 5-7 hours each night! I have also been more productive the last 2 mornings than I’ve been in the past 2 weeks! Just a few small adjustments & what a difference! THANK YOU for spending time with me & for sharing just a bit of your knowledge!”

- J.K.N., Clarks Green, PA

“I was in tears with gratitude. I appreciate the resources and links she sent me and have some solid steps to take in detoxification.”

- N.D.C., El Paso, TX

"I am thoroughly impressed with her kindness, professionalism and wide knowledge of her field and expertise. She is very good and knows her field well. She has helped me so much and thanks to her, I am finally starting to get my health back on track."

- K.O. Cantonment, Florida

"I was surprised and grateful to find how the HTMA verified my symptoms and difficulties."

- J.B. Toeka, KS

"She was so incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and kind throughout the consultation.Her philosophy on healing and nutrition pretty much exactly matched mine/the other practitioner and program I’m using, which was definitely a plus! Honestly I feel that the results of the test gave me some answers I wouldn’t have found any other way and I’m so excited to implement the changes she recommended and to see how it all goes! Very grateful :)"

- E.C., Delray Beach FL

"Very knowledgeable -- learned a lot of things I have never been exposed to before about minerals, metals, and the correlation to my health!"

- B.N., Flower Mound, TX

"She was excellent. She was amazing and I have now recommended her and this test to several friends. She answered my questions and explained everything really well."

- L.L., Beaverton, OR

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About Me

I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. I enjoy nature, changing of the seasons, and all that Pennsylvania has to offer. At young age, I developed an interest in natural health and home remedies. I enjoy researching, reading, hiking, foraging, and my chickens!. I have 3 children that I have guided to explore natural health solutions. I have instilled in them the importance of good health, good decisions, and good food.

My own health is what drove me to pursue a career in nutrition and natural therapies to help others. When traditional medicine failed me, I looked outside that box. I aspire to help others on their own health journey with my education and understanding. I have a diverse occupational history that has provided me with many skills and life experiences.

Falling back on my medical background, I decided to further my education. I began my study as a Certified Nutritional Consultant at the Trinity School of Natural Health located in Warsaw, IN. Upon completion, I continued my education at Trinity School of Natural Health to achieve my standing as a Certified Master Herbalist. I chose these professions because of my strong belief that food is medicine and that the Earth has hundreds of medicinal plants that can be applied to our over stressed systems to promote optimal health & longevity. Proper nutrition has a significant role in our body’s ability to heal, maintain mood, cope with stress, increase energy levels, and achieve restful sleep.

After completing my study at Trinity School of Natural Health, I decided to explore the type of testing that was crucial in my own healing, HTMA (Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis). This led me to pursue training in what I feel is the most important step one can make in their own efforts to heal the body on a cellular level, get to the root cause. Minerals are the spark plugs of life as observed by Henry Schroeder, MD. – The Trace Elements and Man

Starting at the Malter Institute, located in Cottonwood, AZ. I acquired training and certification by one of the pioneers in HTMA, Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D., in the interpretation of the Trace Elements and Analytical Research HTMA reports. Dr. Rick Malter is a leading expert in hair tissue mineral analysis and author of the book The Strands of Health. To take my HTMA education even further, I have completed The Mineral Mastery course developed by Rick Fischer, CHHP, HTMAp, Kendra Perry's (FDN-P) HTMA course, Sassy Holistics HTMA course led by Kristin Merizalde, BS., and Maria Allerton's (FMP) HTMA course. Education does not end. I am in continuous study for my profession and continue to shine the spotlight on my education in HTMA by attending seminars, online studies, research, and attending the yearly HTMA virtual summit. In addition to always furthering my HTMA education, I have specialized study also in gut testing/healing through GI Mapping and Nutrigenomics to help those better understand their genetic mutations, particularly MTHFR. I have completed studies with Tara Thorne, FDNP and Dr. Ben Lynch, ND.

My chosen fields of study have helped me round out my scope of practice which allows me to incorporate supportive & healing herbals, strong nutritional knowledge, and mineral balancing expertise to achieve optimal health naturally.

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